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Welcome to the real world of life, the living, the living-dead, and the very very dead... where the constraints and babble of the self-righteous are banned, and the life you believe in can be created. This is your site, where you may publish your life and that of your ancestors who lived long before the digital age of Facebook and Twitter and all the internet babble that will make everything you do an eternal public arena, and set to rights the mis-truths and shrouds of shame and deeply buried family secrets that has burdened our forebears to their graves. We allow you poetic license. For without that, your family histories - all the shot-gun marriages and out-of-wedlock cohabitations and bastard children, the gay uncles (and aunts), the deaths-by-adoption of teenager's children, the drunken parties that ended with tormented screams when the ecstasies of infidelity with the neighbour were finally uncovered, the plunder in war from the bodies of the dead- all that mismash of life that is what we are beneath the veneer we plaster our image with to preserve ourselves from the wicked wicked tongues in the office, at church, over the fence, the face we paint to make us someone we are not: all those iterated and reiterated lies' will stand as the truth forever. Have fun telling these stories. Make the lives of your people resonate with what they were, and what they lived for. Take away their shame forever. Lay stark their humanity. That is all that we are born with, and that is all we will take to the grave.
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