is the web-site of Family Archives Ltd, a private NZ company. Family Archives Ltd's sole business is the free on-line publishing and archiving of all Family Notices. It has no association with any newspaper group or advertising company, and has no affiliation with any business or religious group or individual.

The site was developed and trialled over a three-year period by Auckland software developers, Endev www.endev.co.nz , and designer, Tracey Vyver. It is uniquely New Zealand and is modelled on no other existing web-site in the world.

Its purposes are:

  • to give immediate alerts of New Zealanders deaths and other notices to anyone anywhere in the world
  • To provide a free notice-board for all family events
  • To keep New Zealanders in touch with the family events of their relatives, friends and work colleagues in their original home districts
  • To archive and preserve forever any published notices including full family histories and photo albums, safe from natural disasters (so far as they can be) and available for following generations
  • To allow anyone to publish simply and quickly, and to edit and to add photos and to re-edit and to so build and correct a family history from fragments.
  • To automatically collect all searched names as a sort of on-line family scrap-book.

Family Archives Ltd is also currently preparing a Family-Tree page, which will automatically attach all relevant notices to names thereon.




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